Love Once Again

Our backs pressed together 
In the hot hot room 
Chasing away the cold
Of our lonely hearts

Holding you close

Lies and deceit

All that you’re hiding
Keeping us apart
Visions and truth
I loved in denial 
Desperate to feel your tender salve 
Still I hurt 
Just like I did then 
That empty hollow echo
Of longing within 
No longer bandaging the pain
I think I’m healing
I’m letting it breathe 
I know I will love
And be loved once again

Holding Space

Holding space,

Not saving face,

You killed me with your kind embrace,
Your eyes and with your heart.
The only one,
The lonely one,

Loving from worlds apart.

Now I know what it means,
To hold space for someone,
To believe in what is not seen,
And create the world.
And now I must do the same,
To imagine their smiles and remember their love.
To know that we will one day laugh again.
I’ll hold the space for you my friends.

Love Waves



Somebody’s sending me love tonight
I don’t know who
And I don’t know why
I’m afraid if I touch it then it won’t stay
So I carefully
Glance in its way

I’m also afraid of who it might be
If it is
If it isn’t
Either way, it scares me
I’m not afraid of him
I’m afraid of loving and losing
Afraid of the pain that comes
After each new reunion

Maybe it’s her
The one praying for me
Or maybe a friend
Sending me good energy
It could even be Source
Answering an earlier prayer
The one where I asked for help
In humble despair

Seeking a Source outside of me
Seeking a love from someone other than me
That all fades
It blows away like dust
With nothing left
But my silhouette in the mirror
Seeing me
Accepting me
Loving me


My Love



My Love,

No one compares to you.  Nothing compares to you.  You are the ocean. You’re the stars.  You’re the rhythm that beats my heart.  Your waves wash over me and I’m swimming in your love.  You take me to heaven, kissing me with starlight.  You lay me down with sunset and hold me tight through the night.








Running water
Sit back down
Get up
Get a paper towel
Sit back down
I hear the hum of the refrigerator
Be careful what you ask for
I remember so many crazy days
And nights
If I only had some time to myself
Then I’d be alright
I guess this is what it feels like
When you get old
If you’re alone
You’ve gotten out
Hung out
Called out
Then what
Back to that lonely place
That you call home
That is so alive when they are here
But is so silent when they are gone



Let Him Go



I have to let you go,
Source and Higher told me so,
I know that it’s for me
And maybe it’s for you,
It breaks my heart to do it,
But I know I must be true
To the vision given to me,
One to set you free,
Free to fly,
Free to be
The highest form of you.

I love you
And it hurts me
Cause I hoped you loved me too.
I don’t know if this is goodbye forever
But I know it must be true.

There’s no fooling Source
But trust will bring me through
Any pain
That you may want to shield
Any wounds
That you may wish to heal.
We will be ok you see
We will be just fine
I know you care for all of us
But you can’t be only mine
There are so many more who need you
The touch of your divine
Presence and heart and spirit
Above the rest you shine

Right now this is what’s best for me
And maybe it’s best for you
I don’t know how to let you go
But I know that it must be true

So if you see me look away
Or act strange please know
It’s out of love for you
Respect for Source
And my own desire to grow
Into a being who truly trusts
In the love that comes from within
I fear if I block out the voice of Source
I’m nailing my own coffin
And maybe yours too
I know he speaks to you
And you listen to the voice from within
I’ve heard when you surrender
Sometimes it works out that
You get what you want in the end
I know that “let go”
doesn’t always mean “no”
So in my heart there’s a glimmer of hope

But I know
“Let go”
mean releases of my heart’s grip
And I know l must be true
Turn to Source
Turn within
Turn to those God leads me to