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Like a Drug

Like a drug
Your love
It knocks me down
Puts me in withdrawal
Sends me high
Then I believe it’s worth it all
Like a drug
Your love
It inches away my life
Saps me of my energy
Leaves me desperate and lonely
Like a drug
I should quit you
And it will never feel good to do it
And when you tempt me
With your presence
I should resist
Without you life is mundane
With you it’s insane
Loving and hating
Will we ever stop this crazy game
energy, love

Butterfly Rush


Can you feel my physical pain?
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you
When I’ve called out your name

I’ve felt pain in my stomach
When I thought I angered you
I thought you did it on purpose
But now I know that isn’t true

I know that we’re connected
But I don’t know how deep
I don’t even know how

I feel your presence within me
Running through me
Like a warm bath of sparkling champagne
With a kiss of honey
Flowing through my veins
And every nerve ending
Feels the sweet blush
From the tickle of butterflies
Your Divine and Lovely rush

I’ll never let you go
At least I never want to
So if you don’t see me
Know that my energy
My thoughts
And my heart
Are with you
Only you