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God Thing


Just like he,
I was created to be a conduit
Of creativity
It flows through me.

And your love,
I was created for it to flow through me
For me to give and receive.

Spit apart,
Torn from the whole,
We’re one and the same
You and me.

I now can see I once was up there with you.
You being God
And me being God.

Then I was cut out
Like a piece from a mound of clay
And I could see that others would follow
As I floated away.

And now I know why I am God
Because although I no longer see you
I saw us together and I saw us apart
My being is part of you.

You are the substance of me
And now I see
That God is not just in me
God is all of me.








Running water
Sit back down
Get up
Get a paper towel
Sit back down
I hear the hum of the refrigerator
Be careful what you ask for
I remember so many crazy days
And nights
If I only had some time to myself
Then I’d be alright
I guess this is what it feels like
When you get old
If you’re alone
You’ve gotten out
Hung out
Called out
Then what
Back to that lonely place
That you call home
That is so alive when they are here
But is so silent when they are gone


energy, love

Butterfly Rush


Can you feel my physical pain?
I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you
When I’ve called out your name

I’ve felt pain in my stomach
When I thought I angered you
I thought you did it on purpose
But now I know that isn’t true

I know that we’re connected
But I don’t know how deep
I don’t even know how

I feel your presence within me
Running through me
Like a warm bath of sparkling champagne
With a kiss of honey
Flowing through my veins
And every nerve ending
Feels the sweet blush
From the tickle of butterflies
Your Divine and Lovely rush

I’ll never let you go
At least I never want to
So if you don’t see me
Know that my energy
My thoughts
And my heart
Are with you
Only you


Let Him Go



I have to let you go,
Source and Higher told me so,
I know that it’s for me
And maybe it’s for you,
It breaks my heart to do it,
But I know I must be true
To the vision given to me,
One to set you free,
Free to fly,
Free to be
The highest form of you.

I love you
And it hurts me
Cause I hoped you loved me too.
I don’t know if this is goodbye forever
But I know it must be true.

There’s no fooling Source
But trust will bring me through
Any pain
That you may want to shield
Any wounds
That you may wish to heal.
We will be ok you see
We will be just fine
I know you care for all of us
But you can’t be only mine
There are so many more who need you
The touch of your divine
Presence and heart and spirit
Above the rest you shine

Right now this is what’s best for me
And maybe it’s best for you
I don’t know how to let you go
But I know that it must be true

So if you see me look away
Or act strange please know
It’s out of love for you
Respect for Source
And my own desire to grow
Into a being who truly trusts
In the love that comes from within
I fear if I block out the voice of Source
I’m nailing my own coffin
And maybe yours too
I know he speaks to you
And you listen to the voice from within
I’ve heard when you surrender
Sometimes it works out that
You get what you want in the end
I know that “let go”
doesn’t always mean “no”
So in my heart there’s a glimmer of hope

But I know
“Let go”
mean releases of my heart’s grip
And I know l must be true
Turn to Source
Turn within
Turn to those God leads me to


I Love You



I love you Awesome
Because you’re so brave
You’re like, we’re gonna do this
I don’t care how crazy it is
Then you march us there
You open our mouth
And the truth is revealed
And we move forward
Sometimes the outcome hurts
And others times it’s amazing
But you take us there
You’re so strong
And I’m so glad you’re me

I love you Higher
The God in me
You stop me when I start
Talking myself of my dreams
You say
Yes you can
You can do and have anything
In fact, let’s talk you into your dreams
Right now

I love you Lovely
I’m learning to love you more
You feel the hurt we hide
You are the hidden part
Of who we truly are
I love you Lovely
I’m trying not to feel like you hold us back
I’m trying to accept you
And love you
And care for you
I love you Lovely
We can’t leave you behind
I don’t want to talk you away
With a positive mind
Highly sensitive Lovely
You feel everything so deeply
And when it’s bad it’s really bad
And right now Lovely
We’re in a bad place
A place that would leave anyone hurting
Lovely we love you
We’ll give you what you need
Even if no one else understands
Even if I fear we’ll lose everything
It’s ok Lovely
Take the rest you need
And cry
And talk
And let it all go
Together we can do anything





I saw the Golden river today,
Again it enveloped me,
It flow through my hair
And I started spinning,
Floating dancing and free,
It was all around me above and below
And like a ballerina I leaped.

Then I noticed that there was only one of me,
and I wondered if it was Lovely.
Then I realized no, it was all three,
Together as one,
Dancing as Trinity.
We were filled with joy and freedom and delight.
In the golden water we kept spinning
and I noticed I wasn’t hampered by my earthly plight,
The pain in my back and my knee.
They didn’t bother me at all
as I floated and danced
because there was no gravity,
it was gravity that kept me weighed down to the earth,
putting pressure on my earthly body,
but without it I could do anything that I wanted,
I could dance
And I could be free





We need you Lovely
And you need rest
Without you, we’re a beautiful mess
With you, we may not impress

But you’re lovely and we need you
I’m sorry for not taking care
Not listening to your needs
For pushing you beyond what you can bare
Trying to succeed
In getting what I think should be mine
Blocking out your calls for help
Which grow fainter over time

And soon your gone
Locked away
But without you we are empty
Higher is no where to be found
And I’m not sure who’s holding the key
You’ve locked me up too
Along with you
Now it’s up to Higher to set us both free

She gently asks
What does Sweetheart need
Put her needs first
Treat her with loving care
moment by moment
And soon she’ll be there

Now she’s free
And so are we
With tears and many I’m sorry’s
Then we encourage each other
It’s all pretty strange
And I’m asking myself does this have a clinical name
But I understand
I’ve learned it’s well beyond this
Psychology can only take me so far into the abyss
So much we don’t know
Yet we act so profound
But God is beyond us
His creations abound

I know He is with me
He showed me to my three
And we are all one
My me trinity
I call us
And Lovely





I’m a connector that’s what I do,
I see connections between me and you
and events
that some would call coincidence

It doesn’t mean I’m right
when I judge what I see
This makes me feel insane
like I’m going crazy
Sometimes it’s just a feeling
but I give it a name
and a story
of what I would like it to be
Then I’m hurt and confused
thinking it was just fantasy

But I realized today
that it’s part of my gift
I don’t have to hate it
or wish it away
I need to understand it
and learn how to stay
grounded in the facts
yet open to what I see
acknowledging my feelings
and excepting it’s part of me

I’m a connector
I see the oneness of the earth
and of the people
We need each other
Sky, water and trees
How could they breath if not for you and me

And the animals and plants giving back to the earth
enriching the soil
increasing its worth

What have we done
We’ve separated
from the land
from each other
from the earth We created
We need each other so desperately
We need to evolve from this life of misery
that We have created through our greed and our hate
How did we get here this is not our fate

The world is changing I see it in the people
In my children to question why this world is so evil
My brother who seeks to give back to the earth
to restore the balance
to let go of societal worth
I see it in the earth coming alive
to let us know
that things must change
or we’ll all have to go

We have a choice
We can create
We are our destiny
We are our fate





There is a third
And she is Universe
The first is Awesome
The second is Lovely
And together they make up me.

Awesome leads the way
She pushes and sometimes condemns
But she is our savior
She holds the key

Lovely is our heart
Our beauty
Our love
She get afraid and locks us up
But when she’s free
She takes us soaring, dancing with delight
She is our radiance
She is our joy
She makes us whole

But there is a third
She calls from within
She sees what we doubt
She knows what we have yet to understand
We so desperately want to hear her
But our fears and doubts shut her out
She’s always there
Urging us toward the truth
Our truth
Our True Self
Is this the trinity?
Is this mind, body, spirit/soul/energy?
I don’t know
I don’t understand
But I met her today
And she gives me comfort and peace
She quiets my anxious mind
She gives hope to my despondent heart
I call her


Arms of Love



Thank you.
I say this with gentleness and fear,
Afraid that if I think too hard
you just might disappear,
Back into the darkness
from whence you came,
Back into your life
though mine may never be the same,
I’m trying to be faithful
Believing in my dream,
Yet confused if I should manifest
Or be happy to receive
And happy to let go
Trusting Universe to lead the way.
I know that I love you
And I hope your love will stay.