I Love You



I love you Awesome
Because you’re so brave
You’re like, we’re gonna do this
I don’t care how crazy it is
Then you march us there
You open our mouth
And the truth is revealed
And we move forward
Sometimes the outcome hurts
And others times it’s amazing
But you take us there
You’re so strong
And I’m so glad you’re me

I love you Higher
The God in me
You stop me when I start
Talking myself of my dreams
You say
Yes you can
You can do and have anything
In fact, let’s talk you into your dreams
Right now

I love you Lovely
I’m learning to love you more
You feel the hurt we hide
You are the hidden part
Of who we truly are
I love you Lovely
I’m trying not to feel like you hold us back
I’m trying to accept you
And love you
And care for you
I love you Lovely
We can’t leave you behind
I don’t want to talk you away
With a positive mind
Highly sensitive Lovely
You feel everything so deeply
And when it’s bad it’s really bad
And right now Lovely
We’re in a bad place
A place that would leave anyone hurting
Lovely we love you
We’ll give you what you need
Even if no one else understands
Even if I fear we’ll lose everything
It’s ok Lovely
Take the rest you need
And cry
And talk
And let it all go
Together we can do anything

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