We need you Lovely
And you need rest
Without you, we’re a beautiful mess
With you, we may not impress

But you’re lovely and we need you
I’m sorry for not taking care
Not listening to your needs
For pushing you beyond what you can bare
Trying to succeed
In getting what I think should be mine
Blocking out your calls for help
Which grow fainter over time

And soon your gone
Locked away
But without you we are empty
Higher is no where to be found
And I’m not sure who’s holding the key
You’ve locked me up too
Along with you
Now it’s up to Higher to set us both free

She gently asks
What does Sweetheart need
Put her needs first
Treat her with loving care
moment by moment
And soon she’ll be there

Now she’s free
And so are we
With tears and many I’m sorry’s
Then we encourage each other
It’s all pretty strange
And I’m asking myself does this have a clinical name
But I understand
I’ve learned it’s well beyond this
Psychology can only take me so far into the abyss
So much we don’t know
Yet we act so profound
But God is beyond us
His creations abound

I know He is with me
He showed me to my three
And we are all one
My me trinity
I call us
And Lovely

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