The Two Sides of Me



Pushing us along.

Wabi sabi
Beautiful in her weakness
Marching to a different drum
Carrying gifts she doesn’t even understand.

The first has set us free
Broken the chains
Always striving
Always learning
Always growing
She is admired and respected
She is hated and attacked
She is loved and desired
But she has had no tolerance
For the other holding her back.

The second is all heart
She wants to heal the world
She doesn’t care about material things
She doesn’t understand when others hate her
She wants to be connected with with everyone
To share in the love and beauty that lives in us all
But she is alone
She’s misunderstood
She feels like a fool, a misfit, defective
She’s afraid of the first
Who pushes her out there, where she’s scared to go
Who criticizes her and berates her for not being more, and not being better
Who hates her for holding her back.
So she has taken control
She has locked us up in
She hates the first and in fact wants to eradicate her.

But the pain of being locked up has become too great
It’s become physical, mental and emotional
And she can’t bear it
But she doesn’t know how to get out of her cage
She needs the first
The first holds the key
The first will save her, like she always has

And together they will fly free
Happy whole
They will learn to trust one another
To accept one another
To observe with compassion
And to treat with loving kindness.

Together they are not alone
Together they have all they need
They soar
They laugh
They love
They dance
Not only from the cage
But free
from the concerns of the earth below

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