The Golden River


The Golden River

I stand under a canopy
Of green dense leaves
Their stems are thick
And I’m wondering “Why am I here?”
“Where am I?”
“What is this place?”
Then I realize
I’m small, tiny in fact
I’m on the ground, under the dense blossoming flowers above.
Hopelessness take over me.
I’m stuck down here.
But what is above?
I can’t see. The leaves are too large
I get glimpses of light when I look above
Occasional spots of color,
that I imagine are beautiful flowers.
I feel left behind
Less than
Down here, where I live in the shade.
It is shades of green, even the light, it’s cold and damp
I don’t like it
I want to be up there
With the white light
I want to be a beautiful blossoming flower
But I’m not.
And I walk under
The canopy of the leaves
Looking around
Admiring the beauty
of the green atmosphere
It’s quite and peaceful.
In fact, I’m alone.
Then I see it
In front of me
Flowing to me
Flowing around me
I start to believe that it may even flow through me
Inside of me
I am enveloped in it
Standing still, immersed
Living in this ocean of golden water
Like a fish living in the sea
This water is all around me.
I am in it, and it is in me
It flow, it moves, it’s everywhere
And the leaves covering me are gone
Only brightens is above me and the water is before me
I see it’s gentle waves
Flowing up and down
Moving forward like a slow stream
Rising and dipping as it passes over the rocks
Then I realized that the golden stream is God
He surrounds me
He flows beneath the tall flowers
Watering them, touching them,
sustaining them, giving them bliss.
He flows towards me, around me
Touching me
Giving me life and hope and strength
Giving me love
Then I realize what I am
I am a baby flower, just bursting forth from the soil
Only my tiny green stem and leaves poke out
In an ugly and awkward way
But in this realization I become aware
That I am good.
I am exactly what and where I am meant to be
I’m not less than the flowers above me
I am growing.
In fact, I am brave and strong for breaking through the earth.
Now, I know that I will continue to grow
at my own pace
And that’s ok.
What I will be is still unknown, even to me
But I know I will be beautiful,
and I will be High in the sky one day with the rest of the beautiful flowers
And I appreciate my journey
Then I think about God, the golden river
“Is he everywhere?”
And I realize “Yes”
Like water, he seeps down into the earth
Feeding the seeds that are still buried
In darkness, in the soil, waiting to one day
Emerge as a seedling.

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