There is a third
And she is Universe
The first is Awesome
The second is Lovely
And together they make up me.

Awesome leads the way
She pushes and sometimes condemns
But she is our savior
She holds the key

Lovely is our heart
Our beauty
Our love
She get afraid and locks us up
But when she’s free
She takes us soaring, dancing with delight
She is our radiance
She is our joy
She makes us whole

But there is a third
She calls from within
She sees what we doubt
She knows what we have yet to understand
We so desperately want to hear her
But our fears and doubts shut her out
She’s always there
Urging us toward the truth
Our truth
Our True Self
Is this the trinity?
Is this mind, body, spirit/soul/energy?
I don’t know
I don’t understand
But I met her today
And she gives me comfort and peace
She quiets my anxious mind
She gives hope to my despondent heart
I call her

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