I saw the Golden river today,
Again it enveloped me,
It flow through my hair
And I started spinning,
Floating dancing and free,
It was all around me above and below
And like a ballerina I leaped.

Then I noticed that there was only one of me,
and I wondered if it was Lovely.
Then I realized no, it was all three,
Together as one,
Dancing as Trinity.
We were filled with joy and freedom and delight.
In the golden water we kept spinning
and I noticed I wasn’t hampered by my earthly plight,
The pain in my back and my knee.
They didn’t bother me at all
as I floated and danced
because there was no gravity,
it was gravity that kept me weighed down to the earth,
putting pressure on my earthly body,
but without it I could do anything that I wanted,
I could dance
And I could be free

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