I’m a connector that’s what I do,
I see connections between me and you
and events
that some would call coincidence

It doesn’t mean I’m right
when I judge what I see
This makes me feel insane
like I’m going crazy
Sometimes it’s just a feeling
but I give it a name
and a story
of what I would like it to be
Then I’m hurt and confused
thinking it was just fantasy

But I realized today
that it’s part of my gift
I don’t have to hate it
or wish it away
I need to understand it
and learn how to stay
grounded in the facts
yet open to what I see
acknowledging my feelings
and excepting it’s part of me

I’m a connector
I see the oneness of the earth
and of the people
We need each other
Sky, water and trees
How could they breath if not for you and me

And the animals and plants giving back to the earth
enriching the soil
increasing its worth

What have we done
We’ve separated
from the land
from each other
from the earth We created
We need each other so desperately
We need to evolve from this life of misery
that We have created through our greed and our hate
How did we get here this is not our fate

The world is changing I see it in the people
In my children to question why this world is so evil
My brother who seeks to give back to the earth
to restore the balance
to let go of societal worth
I see it in the earth coming alive
to let us know
that things must change
or we’ll all have to go

We have a choice
We can create
We are our destiny
We are our fate

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