How do you get a ghost out of your heart?
Do you find somebody new?
Push it down deep inside?
Turn away?
Pretend it’s not there?

How do you forget about tenderness
That touched your heart and soul
In ways no hands ever could?
Remember the pain?
Remember the rejection?
Remember there’s a line between reality and fantasy?

How do I protect myself?
When everything inside urges me
To follow my heart
To love honestly
To give fully?

Although I cannot see you,
I can see that you’re unavailable.
Now it’s my job to let my feelings for you go.

All I can do is to keep moving forward.
Putting one foot in front of the other
And trusting the Universe to lead me.

Maybe if you weren’t a ghost
It would be easier.
The truth,
I’m sure,
Would be the best remedy.
But, I don’t have that
So It’s up to me.

Thank you for the opportunity
To learn to love myself
A little bit deeper.
A chance to look and see
What’s really best for me.

I’ve felt this before,
This longing for someone who’s unavailable. I remember that pain.
And maybe because it’s familiar
It seems acceptable.

But I’m learning to love myself.
Little by little, I’m learning to care for me.
To give myself good things.
And not abandon me.
To tell myself, “You are worthy of more.”
And not subject myself
To unnecessary pain.
To love myself enough
To embrace those who embrace me.
To love myself enough to walk away from those who walk away from me.

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