Charlie Puth One Call Away, faith, higher power, Thy will be done

God 11/30/16

November 30, 2016

Who are you?
I see you everywhere
In nature, in loving acts, in coincidence. 
I know you’re here.
I can feel you surrounding me,
I can feel you inside of me, 
filling me with warmth and love.
I’m trying every day to trust you,
To surrender.
I don’t question your existence,
But your goodness,
Your love and care for me.
Can I trust you?
It’s always your will versus mine,
The choice is up to me.
Do I need to follow a book to please you?
Do I need to be with the right group to make you happy?
Do you love me unconditionally?

I need for you to love me unconditionally.

Please don’t abandon me.
I’m lost without you.

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