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Five American Flags 11/27/16


Today I saw five American flags displayed outside of homes and businesses on my way to the Starbucks closest to my home.  At first I wondered, “Had they always been there? Because I never noticed them before.” Then I thought, “Maybe it has to do with a current holiday,” not wanting to believe that so many in my neighborhood are fired up about the direction our country and government is heading- the white supremacy regime.  But, nope, Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales don’t usually evoke national pride.  So then I decided that it was because they are racist and they are supportive of a racist agenda.

Ahhhhh….  this is where I get myself into trouble. Cause now, I’m mad, I’m mad at my neighbors, I’m mad at my governing officials, and I’m mad at all of the people in my country who voted for Donald Trump.  And all of this before I’ve had a chance to drink more than 3 sips of my coffee.

About this time, healthier thinking starts to kicks in.  I tell myself, “It’s non of my business if my neighbors choose to put up American flags.”  It’s no more my business than if they choose to hang a tacky wooden pumpkin that say “Happy Harvest Day,” or cover their lawn in spider webs with a gigantic spider in the middle, eating a mannequin’s head… (both things my neighbors have done).
But then, I go into reasoning with myself, “Well, when would it be my business?  What if they put up swastika signs or confederate flags?”…. “Then it would definitely be my business,” I tell myself.  I continue down this path, “And what would I do?”  “Would I right a letter to my city council?”   “Would I tell the police?”   “What are my rights?”   “What friends would I talk to and get advice about this from?!”  LOL!!!
Again, I remind myself that the flags are none of my business and the catastrophe I’ve created in my mind hasn’t happened.  Time to pull over, eat my oatmeal from Starbucks and drink my coffee.  I also took some time to read helpful literature and reflect on spiritual principles and how they apply to me in this moment.
I noticed when I stared reflecting on things I had written in the past, I later found out that my assumptions about people and situations were sometimes completely off.  I had to admit to myself that this could also be the case with my neighbors and their flags.  They may be the furthest thing from racist, and their flags may have nothing to do with politics.  But either way, it’s really none of my business.  In this moment I can live and let live.

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