action, awake, baby steps, Consciousness, know thyself

I’m Waking Up 8/11/16

I feel so sad for the soul who is gone,

For the son who witnessed his mother’s life being taken.
I believe we are asleep.
My church is asleep.
They say, “Just love,
Be positive,
See the good,”
But all the while they close their eyes.
My friends are asleep.
They delete,
They block,
They silently avoid.
My family is asleep.
They refused to see the truth
Of the world that is around them,
That is part of them,
That is in them.
I am asleep.
Lulled by the warmth and privilege that surrounds me.
We are asleep and we don’t want to wake up.
Yet powerful.
If only we chose to wake up!
I’ve been silent recently, partly because I felt shy.  I felt like I put myself out there and I couldn’t go backward.  I couldn’t go back to just talking about a TV show that offended me — because I’d opened up my heart.

I feel exposed.  There’s so much more that I may be able to share one day.  But for now, baby steps.  That’s my new favorite mantra.  Not very inspiring, I know.  But it’s getting me through.  And it’s pushing me forward to places I never thought I would go.

I’m waking up.  And I’m fighting against the urge to close my eyes and fall back asleep because the truth is so painful.

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