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Happy Sad 4th of July 7/4/16

Maybe it was destined to be, born on the Fourth of July, a hero in the making.  Happy Birthday to my hero!  Dad, you loved the Fourth of July… not just because it was your Birthday, but it was the day that you could get all of your crazy boy-like zaniness out.  We were just along with you for the ride; it was so much fun, Dad.

Growing up, I remember many Fourth of Julys when you bought the fireworks that went way too high and technically weren’t allowed.  Back then, my sisters and I would pile in the car with you and my stepmom, and drive to meet your best friend, and his current girlfriend at the top of an unused parking structure.  My sisters and I had so much fun watching you be so happy. You and your buddy made sure we all stayed back so we were always safe. You lined up all the firecrackers into two long lines from one end of the lot to the other, then you and your friend lit each one and gave us our own personal fireworks show.  Those were happy times.  I’m missing you today, dad.

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