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The Law of Attraction 6/24/16

6/24/16I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the unexpected love that I and my family have received recently.  I think this is important for me because as I’m diving into social media on the issue of race, I’m encountering so many negative opinions about biracial black/white people and about black people.  Additionally, now that I’m focusing on this issue, everywhere I go I’m noticing real, or perceived slights.  

It’s easy for me to let these experiences further reinforce my negative outlook.  My goal in talking, writing, thinking, praying about these issues, is to offer compassion, love and acceptance to myself and others.  I also hope that my sharing can somehow help others, or at least make a positive difference for my children’s future.  My goal is not to spread hate or prejudice.  One of the biggest reasons that I’m writing anonymously, is because I don’t want to hurt or push away the Asian, black and white people in my life that I love and care about.  

Here are some of the small moments that brought joy to my heart recently.   An Asian mom in my daughter’s mommy-and-me swim class befriended me out of the blue by saying “Hi,” starting small talk, and even sharing personally about her life.  The Korean man at the snack bar, always has big smiles for my kids and I, and he helps my kids practice their Korean.  My Korean neighbors, who speak very little English, have been so kind to me personally by always going out of their way to smile and say “Hi,” and even offering to help me carry my groceries.  I also had a really encouraging time during a recent outing with my husband, son and daughter.  There were lots of people there of all races and mixes.  While we were there, we received lots of love from strangers of all races.  In fact, I’m noticing that I’m receiving more love from all types of people at unexpected times.  I think that opening myself up honestly, first to myself, and then to others, is changing me.  And I am enjoying the changes.  

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